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Formulario de Acceso a los Recusos de la NGI

Rellene el siguiente formulario para poder acceder a los recursos de la Iniciativa Grid Nacional ESpañola

Application for accessing Ibergrid Resources

1 - Contact Information
Other members of the research team which would be requiring access to the Virtual Organization
Describe briefly the scientific problem and the computational methodology you intend to apply:
The computations to be performed can be considered as part of the work towards the consecution of the objectives of a Research Project granted by a public institution in Spain or Portugal (Plan Nacional, Tematic Network, European Project, or others) ? if YES please specify:
Do you already have a Digital Certificate issued by the Spanish or the Portuguese Grid Certificate authority? (yes/no)
Yes No *

2 - Questions related to the application
Self-developer code Application
If it is an application developed by other people, describe:
Yes No
Yes No, we can do it by ourselves No, we need support from grid specialists

3 - Operative details
On which hardware platform has the application run so far:
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Specify the operating system and processor required:
Describe an example of a typical use case of your application in an ordinary run:
Do you need specific compilers or specific external software in order to run your application?
Yes No
If affirmative:

4 - Execution details
Execution time estimated for each individual run CPU hours (assume Xeon at 2,5GHz):
Runs frequency (eg. how many jobs you submit in one month on average):
Requirements related to security and confidentiality of the generated data:
Storage needs:
Memory needs (for parallel jobs specify memory per process):

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